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YXHT-2 FM Transmitter 1.5KW for School, Church, Radio Stations Free Shipping

YXHT-2 FM Transmitter 1.5KW for School, Church, Radio Stations Free Shipping

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Digital Touch Screen 1500W FM Transmitter

1. Overview

FM YXHT-2 1500W/LIGHT stereo FM radio transmitter is an integrated high-quality FM transmitter that stereo-encodes the input left and right channel audio signals and adjusts the FM modulation to the broadcast band, then RF amplify to the 1000W output power for wireless broadcasting. The transmitter adopts the most advanced software radio technology to achieve the international leading level of product performance indicators.
With a new large-scale field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) technology at up to 5G, the product achieves the highest technical specifications in the industry to date, providing listeners with a CD-like sound experience.
Technical specifications
1.Nominal emission frequency:
87MHz~108MHz (other frequencies can be customized), stepping 10kHz
2.Carrier frequency tolerance:
3.Output power:
 0~1500W continuously adjustable
4.Output power tolerance:
5.Output impedance:
6.RF output connector:
7.Residual wave radiation:
8.Parasitic amplitude modulation noise:
9.Pilot frequency deviation:
10.38KHz residual component in the S signal:
< -50dB
11.100% modulation frequency offset:
±75KHz (maximum modulation frequency offset 112.5KHz)
12.Audio pre-emphasis:
0μs/25μs/ 50μs/75μs optional
<0.05% (30Hz ~ 15000Hz, 100% modulation)
14.Frequency response:
±0.1dB (no emphasis, no de-emphasis); ±0.2dB (emphasis, de-emphasis)
15.Signal to noise ratio:
≥88dB (1kHz, 100% modulation)
16.Stereo resolution:
≥70dB (L→R, R→L)
17.Left and right channel level difference:
<0.05dB (100% modulation)
18.Analog audio input:
-12dBm ~ +8dBm
19.Analog audio input impedance:
600Ω balance
20.AES input impedance :
110Ω balance
21.AES input level:
22.AES sampling rate:
30kHz ~ 96kHz
23.Audio Level Gain:
-15dB~+15dB Step 0.1dB
24. Heat dissipation method:
Forced convection
25. Power supply voltage:
100VAC~265VAC/ 47Hz~63Hz
26.Chassis Standard:
27.Operating environment temperature:
-10 ° C ~ +45 ° C
28.Relative humidity:
The product consists of audio interface unit, digital processing and frequency modulation unit, RF power amplifier unit,
human-machine interface unit, communication interface unit, clock synchronization unit and power supply unit. The transmitter is installed in a 19-inch 2U standard chassis, intensive design, small size and light weight. The whole transmitter is designed with high reliability, which makes the product run continuously and stably for a long time.
Warranty: 6 years for all transmitters in our factory.

2. Technical characteristics and principle block diagram

Product technology has the following technical features:
• Full process digital processing to achieve a perfect auditory effect of CD-like sound quality
• Full-scale digital processing with large-scale field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology
• Direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) technology at speeds up to 5G to peak transmitter specifications
• High reliability microprocessor (ARM) technology as the primary controller
• Support for multiple audio source inputs (transmitters can be automatically selected by priority):
AES/EBU digital audio signal input (highest priority)
Analog stereo analog audio signal input (2nd priority)
MPX stereo composite signal input (3rd priority)
• Supports one RDS or SCA subcarrier input
• Upgradeable to FM synchronous broadcast transmitter
• Electronically controlled AGC controls output power zero drift
• Perfect over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-power, standing wave ratio alarm and protection
• One-touch shuttle quick keyboard input
• Real-time display of operating parameters using OLED
• With TCP/IP, RS232 communication interface
• 19-inch standard chassis, height 2U
AI Smart 5.0 Blue Tooth Audio Receiver / U Disk / FM playback / Computer Upgrade Wireless Module
5.0 Blue Tooth + U disk TF card playback + FM + audio input + AI song + computer + MP3 player + mobile phone

How far(long) the transmitter cover?

The transmission range depends on many factors. The true distance is based on the antenna installing height , antenna gain, using environment like building and other obstructions , sensitivity of the receiver, antenna of the receiver . Installing antenna more high and using in the countryside , the distance will much more far.
Below are the approximate range of different power FM Transmitters. ( The range is diameter )
80W ~500W FM Transmitter : 10KM ~30KM
500W ~1000W FM Transmitter : 30KM ~ 50KM
1KW ~ 2KW FM Transmitter : 50KM ~100KM
2KW ~5KW FM Transmitter : 100KM ~150KM
5KW ~10KW FM Transmitter : 150KM ~200KM
Remark: This link is only 1500W FM Transmitter. If you need 3 sets of equipments package: 1500W FM Transmitter + 1-Bay Antenna + 30 Meters cables with connectors, please click the picture linking below.
Remark: This link is only 1500W FM Transmitter. If you need 10 sets of equipments package: 1500W FM Transmitter + 1-Bay Antenna + 30Meters cables with connectors + channel mixer + compressor limiter + studio mic + monitor speaker + headphone + mic stands + bop cover, please click the picture linking below.
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