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300W FM Broadcast Transmitter Radio Station Equipment

300W FM Broadcast Transmitter Radio Station Equipment

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CertificationCe, Sig(bluetoothsig)

Place Of OriginChina

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Package Type: Carton Wooden Box
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Bluetooth Radio FM Transmitter Broadcast Equipment

This fm radio transmitter equipment has a trigger signaltonoise ratio and low power consumption. 300W FM Transmitter that can be used for factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, office space or create your own bad situation. And this fm radio transmitter that can be used for automatic detection of local wireless signals, easy to operate, and quiet.
Fm radio transmitters are used to receive radio signals, so you have the stations in the car or on a boat. At the same time, this fm radio transmitter is a special handheld device that can be used to receive the signals in your car or home.
The fm radio transmitter is equipped with a handheld, compact and portable, convenient to carry. In AliExpress, you can also find other good deals on radio & tv broadcasting equipment, consumer electronics, home audio & video and tv receivers! Keep an eye out for promotions and deals, so you get a big saving of 300w fm radio transmitter. You can shop for 300w fm radio transmitter at low prices. With low prices, we don't fault you for shopping transmitter online all the time.

300W FM Transmitter

One 300W Fm Transmitter

General features:

* Professional stereo sound with excellent separation
* Standard 19”2H rack, clean design and high quality
* Low distortion and good Signal/Noise ratio
* Built-in CPU system for controlling and monitoring
* Advanced TEMP and SWR protection
* Frequency range: 87.5 108 MHz, 10 KHz/Step
* RF output impedance: 50 Q
* RF output connector: N type -female
* Audio input connector: XLR-female
* MPX and AUX input connector: BNC-female
* Pre-emphasis:0/ 50/ 75 us
* Mains power supply requirements:
90~ 264VAC;127~370VDC
* Operating temperature range: -10 to 45 C
* Weight: 15 Kg


One Dipole Antenna

Electrical specification:

* Frequency Range: 87.5Mhz -108Mhz
* Impedance:50ohm
* Connector:NK
* VSWR:<1.35:1 MAX
* Dimensions:1400*900*50mm
* Weight:4kg with hardware mounting
* Gain:2.0dB
* Max handle power.1KW

One 30M Coaxial Cable

★1/2" 30meters N-J-N-J feeder cable


One 8-way Mixer

1.6/8/12/16channel mono MIC input
2.Provide high quality +48v phantom power
3.Each channel have high&low equalizer,optimized musical performance and adjusted indoor acoustic parameters
4.1 aux sending per channel for pre/post fader swithable for monitoring
5.Built in 10 effects which includes
reverb,chorus,flanger,delay.pitch shifter,mulieffects,tap
function and storable parmeter settings
6.Built in high quality mp3(U-DISK MP3 INPUT)
7.All channel have peak signal indications and pre- fader
monitor options
8.Idependent earphone monitor and level diaplay system

Two Monitor Headphone

* Wear mode: wearing ear
* Headphones Type: Wired
* Whether the microphone: No
* Headset service: Genius
* Frequency response 18- 20000Hz
* impedance of 32 Ohms
* SPL 115dB SPL / V
* harmonic distortion: < 1%, maximum
* input power of 200mW
* leather earmuffs, automatic adjustableand comfortable headset
* lightweight form factor
* Back retractable headphones
* excellent cost performance


Two Monitor Speaker

* Bass is 5.25 inch magnetic steel tape
* 1-inch tweeter with magnetic
* Power 50w
* Peak power 70w
* Physical divider
* Treble independent regulation
* Bass independent regulation
* All wooden box 9mm thick planks
* Rated voltage 220v or 110V

One Audio Processor

* Reference-Class 2-Channel
Expander/Gate/Compressor/Peak Limiter with Integrated Dynamic Enhancer, De-Esser and Low Contour Filter
* Switchable IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation)
program-adaptive compression circuitry combines the advantages of hard-knee and soft-knee characteristics
* Adjustable dynamic Enhancer with level meter for billiant, lively audio even with heavy compression
* IGC (Interactive Gain Control) peak limiting circuitry combines clipper and program limiter for reliable and inaudible protection against signal peaks
* Switchable De- esser removes excessive sibilance from your vocal tracks
* IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) expander/gate circuitry for virtually inaudible noise suppression
* Automatically or manually adjustable attack and release times



1). Community Radio stations
2). LPFM radio stations
3). City radio stations
4). Christian Church radio stations





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