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1000W TV Signal Transmitter

1000W TV Signal Transmitter

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1000W TV Signal Transmitter with Wireless Digital UHF

1000W Digital TV Transmitter adopts new FPGA + DDS technology to realize software-based TV modulation function, with superior performance, high reliability and good consistency. It adopts the integrated structure design, and the single-channel image sound combination type is easy to install and use. 1kw Digital TV Transmitter has the functions of no video, excessive standing wave ratio, over power, over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection to reduce equipment damage.
With intelligent network management and monitoring, with RS232 and TCP / IP communication interfaces. It’s using high-quality switching power supply, with over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit, lightning protection and other protection measures, high efficiency, good voltage regulation range, strong ability to adapt to external power changes. It adopts high-quality high-flow axial flow fan, with good heat dissipation effect, keep the transmitter in a low temperature state, and extend the life of the transmitter.

1KW Digital TV Transmitter
Module design
MCU controlled
RS485/232 interface
Professional performance
12.1-inch color LCD with touch panel
High reliability
low price

This product is the all solid-state Single-channel TV Transmitter, it adopts professional TV exciter, and it can use the
single/duel exciter configuration, switching automatically.
This transmitter has a variety of linear and non-linear pre-correction function, carrier frequency offset, and precision bias
(with external precision reference source) function.
It can prefabricate and control the half-power output, and it has remote control telemetry interface.
The power amplifier used LDMOS FET, the analog and digital are both compatible, and it used high-quality switch parallel power.
The power amplifier and power supply are both used hot-plug devices.
The power loss and standing wave of the one-time synthesis power combiner is small.
The module of power amplifier display the working parameters in real-time.
The whole machine has the protection of over-current, over temperature, over power and over-standing wave ratio.
The master touch screen displays the working parameters of the whole machine and the module of power amplifier (PA) in real-time.
The 1000W transmitter is installed in one 19inch chassis; it’s suitable for medium or small TV station.

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Supported Standards DVB-T,DVB-T2,DVB-H,DTMB,ATSC,ISDB-T
All solid-state digital TV transmitter, bandwidth is 6-8MHZ.
Pre-distortion correction, dual-exciters switch automatically.
High Linearity LDMOS Power Amplifier, high-gain power amplifier module, parallel switching power supply, it is a high-efficiency
Telemetry and remote control by computer, web-based interface and software.
Good man-machine interface, full automatic switch the machine with one key.
Multi protection (over voltage, over current, overheating, large standing-wave ratio ...)high reliability, 24 hours continuous

 Quick Details

1. Working frequency: UHF 13-48 channel arbitrary choice
2. Output power: 1000W
3. Output impedance: 50Ω
4. Channel bandwidth: 8MHz
5. Output interface: 40
6. Output load return loss: Normal
7. operation: -32dB
8. Allowed operation: -20dB
9. Power input level: 0dBm
10. Amplifier input impedance: 50Ω
11.Amplifier input interface: L16
12. Useless transmission: ≤-60dB
13. Band fluctuations: ±0.5dB
14. Band shoulder: better than 36dB
15. MER: better than 30dB
16. Size: 1860mm×560mm×900
17. Weight: 150KG


1). Community Radio stations
2). LPFM radio stations
3). City radio stations
4). Christian Church radio stations




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