Working on Professional Broadcast FM Transmitter 50W

Professional Broadcast FM Transmitter 50W series is a profesional FM stereo/Mono broadcasting transmitter. The advanced digital technologies,Digital Signal Processor(DSP), are used in the transmitters to get little size , high performance and high reliability. They are widely used for professional radio stations to transmit high quality FM radio programs. 

More than that, the RS-CM1500W FM transmitter is now gradually showing its high-quality characteristics to the world, especially in the radio station equipment market.

Professional Broadcast FM Transmitter 50W


This Fm Stereo Transmitter, using advance modulation system and Phase Lock Loop to control a steady frequency when transmitting.

Brand new 50W FM Transmitter is a professional Fm Transmitter newly released. It’s featured by one button control for all functions. It has - VSWR protection, temperature protection, RDS port, electronic volume adjusting, equipped with low pass filters. It’s applicable in many places, such as stadium, county radio station, community radio station, motel, public square, church, theater etc.


To optimize to the maximum the price the FM Transmitter is available in two version. The Stereo Coder can be easy upgraded on site also after the first installation.
FM Transmitter allows the possibility to be easily upgraded with useful options, in order to meet all the customer needs, like on- site integrated RDS Encoder and FCC station coding.
FM Transmitter integrated CPU card allows a large number of monitoring parameter. An user-friendly menu visualized in a clear LCD display allows the configuration and setting of all the working parameters and the monitoring of the operating values.



Professional Radio Equipment




· Hearing similar to CD

· All-digital technologies DSP+DDS

· Built-in audio signal limiter

· Analog and Digital (AES/EBU) audio signal input directly.

· AGC circuit can keep the Output Power stability.

· Big LCD display all the parameters in real time.

· Communication Interface by RS232 for remote

· Five kinds of protections for the security

· Compact structure

Equipments included


1. Frequency Range 87.5MHz~108 MHz
2. Frequency Setting step 10KHz
3. Carrier Frequency precision ±200Hz
4. Residual Wave Radiation ≥65dBc
5. Audio Input Impedance 600Ω,Balance
6. Separation 60dB Pilot Signal Modulation
7. Audio Input Level ±10dBm,step 0.01dB
8. S/N ≥75dB(30H~15kHz,100%)
9. Audio Harmonic Distortion <0.05%
10. Audio response ±0.05dB(30Hz~15KHz)
11. Output Load Impedance 50Ω
12. Output Power 50W
13. Pre-emphasis 0μS,50μS,75μS
14. Deviation ±75kHz
15. Pilot Frequency 19 kHz±1Hz
16. Sub-carrier Suppression ≥65dB
17.RF Output Connector 7/16'(female)or7/8'Flange
18.Size 460mm*480mm*88mm
19.Weight 7KG
20.Pilot Signal Modulation 8%~10%



50w 350w 4




1). Community Radio stations
2). LPFM radio stations
3). City radio stations
4). Christian Church radio stations

Warranty: 6 years for all transmitters in our factory.


1) OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The transmitter will switch to auto-protection with alarm message and a beep sound once the working temperature gets higher than normal range.

2) OVER SWR PROTECTION: SWR is the indication of antenna system connection with transmitter. Once the connection is bad and causing a high SWR Value, the transmitter will switch to automatic protection mode by showing alarm message on the screen with a beeping sound meanwhile.

3) FAN ERROR ALARM When the fan stops running, the alarm message will be displayed on the screen.

4) ADJUSTABLE POWER OUTPUT The RF out of this 50W Fm Transmitter is continuously adjustable from 0-50 watt at the stepping of 0.1watt, which means you can tune it to 1w, 1.1w, 1.2w...50w, with just one transmitter you’ll get multiple modes of outputs and easy to tune as per your needs

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