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5KW FM Stereo Transmitter for Radio Station Free Shipping 6 Year Warranty

5KW FM Stereo Transmitter for Radio Station Free Shipping 6 Year Warranty

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5000W FM Broadcast Transmitter
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The DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology makes the YXHT- 5000W FM transmitter an enjoyable sound broadcasting device for all music lovers, you’ll no longer be bothered by the noises or distortions. As quality assurance, YXHT Provides 6 YEAR warranty for this professional broadcast transmitter, you’ll have no worries to use it for the radio station.
Warranty:The warranty of all transmitters in our factory is 6 years.
Product Description

5KW FM Radio Transmitter

YXHT-5KW is an excellent FM stereo transmitter for professional radio stations. It is reliable and high Performance. It consists of center control module, double digital exciters, 2pcs hot-plug 3KW FM amplifier modules, 2-way combiner, a perfect BPF and 4pcs hot-plug 2500VA switched power source modules.


1. Two units 3KW hot-plug RF power modules. Total output power is extremely stable thanks to AGC(Automatic GainControl).
2. Four units 2500VA hot-plug switched power supply units are working in parallel.
3. 4-way High efficiency power combiner with patent technology.
4.Two All-digital 100W exciters (DSP+DDS) with automatically changeover switcher (optional)
5.Analoganddigital(AES/EBU)audiosignal input directly.
6.12.1-inch Color LCD with touch panel displays all the parameters in real time.
7. Intelligent protect functions by centre control unit, like over Pf,over SWR, over Temp ,Over V, Over I.
8. Real hot-plug structure, the modules can be repairing at non-stopcondition.
9. RS232/RS485 Communication interface ready for remote system.


1). Community Radio stations
2). LPFM radio stations
3). City radio stations
4). Christian Church radio stations


1) OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The transmitter will switch to auto-protection with alarm message and a beep sound once the working temperature gets higher than normal range. 2) OVER SWR PROTECTION: SWR is the indication of antenna system connection with transmitter. Once the connection is bad and causing a high SWR Value, the transmitter will switch to automatic protection mode by showing alarm message on the screen with a beeping sound meanwhile. 3) FAN ERROR ALARM When the fan stops running, the alarm message will be displayed on the screen.
1. Frequency Range:
87.0MHz~108 MHz
2. Frequency Setting step:
3. Carrier Frequency precision:
4. Residual Wave Radiation:
5. AnalogaudioInputImpedance:
600Ω,Balance AES/EBU digital audio input impedance: 110Ω, Balance
6. Separation:
7. Audio Input Level:
±10dBm,step 0.01dB
8. S/N:
9. Audio Harmonic Distortion:
10. Audio response:
11. Output Load Impedance:
12. Output Power:
13. Pre-emphasis:
14. Deviation:
15. Pilot Frequency:
19 kHz; 0.5Hz
16.RF Output Connector:
105cm X57cmX156cm
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